Комплексное решение для обмена техническими данными


Решение Managed File Transfer для безопасного, глобального обмена информацией по выпускаемой продукции (на англ.)


in the manufacturing sector, up to 80% of the development services are rendered by external suppliers and engineering service providers. The global product development with multiple partners and vendors, who work on the same product at the same time, therefore requires automated and secure processes for the engineering data exchange.

Various communication partners and increasing cross-border collaboration cause complex processes of data exchange. OEMs and engineering suppliers are facing some essential challenges by sharing CAD data on an international basis, e.g.: For an optimal exchange of engineering data in the early phase of product development, they need a cost-efficient solution. Switching to another CAD system causes further challenges of integrating suppliers. In addition, it becomes more and more important to protect Intellectual Property. Data sets continue to grow, once they have been exchanged with suppliers. Often, there exist different local solutions.

SEEBURGER provides automated and secure processes with a complete solution for engineering data exchange. “Today, engineering data are more than CAx (CAD/CAM) data”, says Dr.-Ing. Şeref Erkayhan, Head of Business Development PLM at SEEBURGER. “The exchange of engineering data with many partners and engineering service providers in today’s global manufacturing industry is no longer limited to CAD data, but it includes a variety of product information. With the complete solution, customers can exchange any type of product data and documents throughout the company (internally and externally).”

Customers receive one single solution for global engineering data exchange, to which they can add an unlimited number of OEM and engineering partners. It also includes data exchange manager, communication gateway and a web portal from a worldwide leading company for electronic data exchange. The efficient, scalable solution supports standards that are needed by the automotive industry, such as ENGDAT/ENGPART, as well as new communication protocols, such as OFTP2. Customers can easily issue and monitor complex transmission orders in the browser. Data without size limitation can be exchanged via a web portal (SEE FX), a Microsoft Outlook integration (SEE FX), additional Secure Clients (SEE Link), and a Mobile App (e.g. iPhone). The solution works with all networks (ENX, ISDN, Internet, VPN, LAN, WAN/RAS, VAN) and protocols (OFTP2, OFTP-TCP/IP, FTP, SMTP/email). Modern software architecture enables the rapid integration of current and future applications, such as CAD, PDM, converter and quality testing tools.

The complete solution for engineering data exchange or single components (e.g. BIS:EPX, SEE FX etc.) can be operated optionally in the SEEBURGER Data Center as a managed service. For more information on the complete solution for the automotive industry, visit:


SEEBURGER AG is a global specialist in the integration of internal and external business processes, secure managed file transfer (MFT) solutions and vendor neutral PLM consulting services that streamline engineering data exchange and product data management processes. SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite provides a central, company-wide hub for all integration tasks and for secure data transfer. As a certified SAP partner for many years, SEEBURGER also offers tools and turnkey software solutions to optimise SAP processes. SEEBURGER customers benefit from more than 25 years of industry expertise and process knowledge from projects with more than 9,000 companies such as Bosch, EMMI, EnBW, E.ON IT, Hapag Lloyd, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, Intersport, Lichtblick, Lidl, Linde, Osram, Siemens, s.Oliver, Schiesser, SupplyOn, RWE, and Volkswagen. Since the company's formation in 1986, its headquarters have been in Bretten. SEEBURGER also has 21 offices in Europe, Asia, and North America. For more information, visit: