Оптимизация бизнес-процессов с использованием BIS платформы


В Zeleris используется Business Integration Suite в качестве центральной платформы для управления всеми бизнес-процессами для логистики, почты, транспорта, ИТ-услуг и архивирования (на англ.)


Around 40.000 service requests and about 10,000 processes are handled and documented at Zeleris (Telefónica Servicios Integrales de Distribución, S.A.U.) every day. Automatic workflows and a central platform for the exchange of business data now ensure transparent processes without media discontinuity.

Zeleris, Spain's leading logistics company, must constantly manage a huge volume of data. Automated and optimized processes are leading to significant savings in costs and time. Now, global freight services are processed by a central data hub (BIS6) via an organized workflow system and are automatically documented and monitored. Business Integration Suite controls all integration tasks (EAI), business data exchange, and data transport. All internal systems and those of customers and suppliers are integrated in the SOA-based solution. Streamlined document and information systems that interact independently of format improve the service through rapid response times. «The generic workflow hugely simplifies our release processes. We can determine the people responsible for processing and approval, and through continuous monitoring of the processes, we can adhere to a multilevel release workflow in accordance with defined criteria,» says Jose Antonio Peco, IT Project Manager at Zeleris. Logistics processes and customer requirements of all kinds can now be promptly handled in real time.

For more information on the optimization of business processes through automated workflows, see http://bit.ly/165cxrw


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