SEEBURGER добавляет облачные опции CSOS с Legisym’s Express222


Партнерство расширяет преимущества платформы SEEBURGER EDI/B2B для отрасли здравоохранения (на англ.)


Global business integration software provider SEEBURGER today announced the availability of Legisym’s Express222™ cloud-based Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS) solution as an add-on to SEEBURGER’s business integration platform for healthcare customers seeking a cost-effective CSOS solution with no software installation requirements for themselves or their trading partners. The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS) can be delivered in tandem with Express222 as a managed service, providing an end-to-end hosted B2B and CSOS solution. Alternatively, SEEBURGER BIS can be deployed behind the corporate firewall in a private cloud or licensed scenario.

The new partnership enables SEEBURGER customers to take advantage of the only completely Web-based CSOS solution that meets the strict DEA order management requirements for the safe and secure transport of controlled substance pharmaceuticals. Winner of the HDMA Distribution Management Award for innovation in health distribution processes, Legisym’s Express222 enables suppliers of all sizes and requirements – from the occasional Class II buyer to the frequent multiple-order buyer – to eliminate the paper DEA Form 222 while also avoiding the large upfront investment, annual maintenance fees, technical complexities and extensive support needs of client/server CSOS solutions.

The joint SEEBURGER/Legisym solution is being demonstrated at SEEBURGER’s Booth 204 and Legisym’s  Booth 703 at this week’s Healthcare Distribution Management Association (HDMA) conference  in Tampa.

Strong Customer Support

The ability to combine the SEEBURGER and Legisym solutions in a hosted environment, and avoid the time and expense of integrating the CSOS solution into the organization’s B2B platform, provides an efficient, easy-to-deploy and DEA-compliant strategy for expediting the exchange of controlled substances  among manufacturers, wholesalers, pharmacies and reverse distributors. That includes the ability to leverage modern process improvements such as batch signing with POA certificate management capabilities favored by mass retailers and reverse distributors to centralize digital signing for thousands of locations.

“We deployed SEEBURGER BIS as a managed service in 2012 to modernize our B2B capabilities, and we are now preparing to implement Legisym’s CSOS solution to automate controlled substance ordering with our suppliers and customers,” said Tina Emilia, EDI Manager for pharmaceutical wholesaler H.D. Smith. “Being able to outsource both services will dramatically reduce our in-house overhead and also give us access to the benefits of both solutions, from SEEBURGER’s tight integration with our SAP ERP system to Legisym’s digital signature technology to renovate how our customers utilize CSOS.”

SEEBURGER’s Healthcare Edge

The partnership also extends SEEBURGER’s advantages for automating trading partner communications, data exchange and transaction visibility in the healthcare supply chain.  SEEBURGER BIS has powered trading partner integration for more than 9,000 businesses around the globe for more than two decades, including optimizing process collaboration between healthcare suppliers’ ERP systems and providers’ MMIS and clinical systems. Unique SEEBURGER capabilities designed to accelerate business cycles, lower support costs and improve customer service include:

  • Self-service B2B process problem resolution with the SEEBURGER Monitor for SAP, an SAP add-on that brings all supply chain information into a single window within SAP to allow business users to track down purchase orders and other transaction messages without IT assistance. Built on SAP best practices, standards and workflows, the Monitor is a standalone EDI/B2B-agnostic tool – requiring no integration work – that leverages users’ investment in SAP.
  • Business process modeling (BPM) with integrated, high-performance process modeling tools enabling cost-effective adoption of new requirements ranging from internal integration processes to complex B2B processes integrated into the supply chain. SEEBURGER BIS uses state-of-the-art BPEL for process modeling, ensuring the full support of web services within these processes.
  • Integrated Managed File Transfer (MFT) functionality, enabling unstructured documents such as catalog data, sales reports and billing information that are shared with internal and/or external users to be managed, monitored and audited in the same interface as structured EDI/B2B transaction messages for easier administration and increased security.
  • Punchout/B2B integration solutions that enable tighter collaboration with customers’ eProcurement and Requisition-to-Cash processes by streamlining their corporate B2B procurement with supplier’s electronic storefront, ERP, EDI, logistics and financial systems.

“Teaming with Legisym allows us to offer a combined cloud-based solution for CSOS stakeholders looking to modernize and consolidate the critical process of B2B integration,” said Victor Pinsker, SEEBURGER Vice President – Healthcare. “This is an important addition to our comprehensive business integration platform for the healthcare industry.”

“Our Express222 CSOS solution fulfills all CSOS requirements completely and affordably, but now paired with a secure and reliable B2B platform for moving transactions along the supply chain,” said David Kessler, Legisym Chief Business Officer. “With SEEBURGER, we can offer our customers a partner with more than two decades as a leading B2B solutions provider as well as a cloud deployment option that offers the same speed, cost and scalability advantages as our own delivery model.