SEEBURGER в 1 квартале 2013 прошел сертификацию на совместимость с Drummond AS2


Также выпущено 8 дополнительных тестовых профилей, включая SHA-2 для правительства и энергетики (на англ.)


Global business integration software provider SEEBURGER announced today that the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS) has earned Drummond Certified™ status in the Drummond Group’s AS2 interoperability testing for Q1 2013, validating the ability of the SEEBURGER platform to interface with other current Drummond Certified products utilizing the widely adopted AS2 messaging standard for business-to-business commerce. The SEEBURGER platform also successfully completed eight optional test profiles, including the SHA-2 (Secure Hashing Algorithm) profile for government and industry users requiring stronger security than provided by the current AS2 standard.

The SEEBURGER suite is the only one in the Drummond Group testing – and the only one on the market – that integrates business-to-business (B2B) communications and secure managed file transfer (MFT) into a single platform with a common gateway and consolidated audit trail. This ability to unify the management of structured and unstructured data, including B2B and EDI supply chain messages as well as human-to-human, human-to-system and system-to-system file transfers inside and outside the corporate firewall, simplifies the IT infrastructure, reduces the total cost of ownership, and streamlines corporate and regulatory compliance efforts by increasing visibility.

In the latest round of Drummond Group’s twice-a-year AS2 interoperability testing, SEEBURGER achieved certifications for:

  • AS2 interoperability, assuring the smooth and secure AS2-based exchange of B2B and MFT messages between Drummond Certified products. SEEBURGER was one of the first B2B integration providers to deliver an AS2 adapter and the only one to build that adapter and all other components in-house to ensure interoperability within the B2B platform itself for trouble-free supply chain/trading partner communications.
  • SHA2 Optional Test Profile, designed to test vendor support for special AS2 messaging requirements being used for added security by U.S. federal agencies, the U.S. and European energy industry, and the DEA’s Controlled Substances Ordering Systems (CSOS).  SEEBURGER was among the first companies to participate in testing the SHA-2 cryptographic hash functions, reflecting its early response to emerging market developments and readiness to handle B2B and MFT projects for organizations signing messages using SHA-2.
  • Chunked Transfer Encoding (CTE) Optional Profile, which tested the ability to transfer AS2 message content in a series of chunks using CTE and AS2 restart for guaranteed message delivery. SEEBURGER successfully completed the test for both outbound and inbound messages, based on its long-term use of the CTE data transfer mechanism in challenging scenarios including message exchange with remote and overseas sites with erratic network connections.

SEEBURGER also passed Drummond Group optional test profiles for multiple attachments (the ability to transfer multiple documents including non-EDI payloads within a single AS2 message), filename preservation with and without Message Disposition Notification (a capability critical to the banking and financial services industry), reliability (for “once and only once” delivery of messages) and AS2 restart (enabling the sending of AS2 messages with payloads of 500 MB and larger without resending an entire AS2 message when connection timeouts or network failures occur).

“We have been Drummond Certified for years, but each new testing round assures businesses that our platform continues to provide AS2 interoperability for safe and secure supply chain communications as we release new versions, patches and enhancements,” said Rohit Khanna, EVP, Global Strategy and Corporate Development, at SEEBURGER. “With the widespread global adoption of the AS2 messaging standard, this certification is essential for virtually all organizations that exchange purchase orders and other structured as well as unstructured messages – from retailers and manufacturers to companies in the financial services, energy/utilities and technology sectors and beyond .”

The complete list of current Drummond Certified products is posted at More information about the SEEBURGER platform is available at


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